I’m writing about food and its place in the meaning of life, food and fat politics, and dogs drinking wine over here.

Everything else will appear here.



4 thoughts on “Psst

    1. Weirdly, I follow several political blogs. I have no desire to write about politics, but I’m riveted by politics. So I read Andrew Sullivan, TPM, and Kevin Drum at Mother Jones. I also follow a few of the feminist bloggers, principally Amanda Marcotte and Hugo Schwyzer. I follow Jon Katz’s Bedlam Farm blog via Facebook. I enjoy Hyperbole and a Half when someone links a post on Facebook. And of course when my friends here blog, I love following their stuff.

      1. Interesting choices – I’ll have to check some of them out. I found you through Jon Katz, so we have that one in common. He also linked in Cold Antler Farm recently, which I’ve been enjoying immensely.

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