Greetings! As some of you may know, I have another job. This summer, one of my cases went to trial on a compressed schedule, and sucked up all the oxygen in the avocational room. This is a fancy way of saying I didn’t have time to do anything but work and go to the bathroom for most of the summer, which is why I haven’t been doing the work I enjoy over here. But that’s over now, and has been for about ten days. I did some food blogging over at Ate Up, but that’s food, you know? You have to eat, so you might as well blog it as well.

I’ve taken a chunk of time off, and spent a lot of it doing things like cleaning my kitchen, drinking coffee and staring blankly into space. When I go through a hyper-busy time at work, there is always a period of time where I have to unwind, to spiral slowly back down into myself. I live a sort of double life — lawyer on one hand, creative nature freak on the other – and I use distinct parts of my brain for each one. The challenge lies in switching back and forth. Sometimes it gets a little bumpy.

I knew I wanted to take a trip after the rush of the summer. We did a bit of hiking in New York’s Adirondack Mountains in early July (see the frog on the header). That was great. So where did we want to go now? At first we thought Florida would be nice. There are a number of people we like to visit there, and I’ve long been planning a piece on Florida’s freshwater springs.  But then Hurricane Irene came along, and while it’s not going to hit the place we wanted to go, it is going to dump a bunch of rain on it all week.

So now we’re investigating a trip to the high country. “I want to breathe air I can’t see,” he said yesterday, referring to the stifling humidity of a Hoosier summer. So we’re looking into that, into prices of airfare to different places and times, and schedule management with co-parents.

Sometime in the last two days, I started feeling a creeping sense of unease and discontent.  This was annoying. I had planned for my time post-trial to be an unending sea of bliss and wish fulfillment.  Unstructured time! Doing what I want when I want! Or nothing at all! I am slow sometimes, to figure out why I’m feeling a certain way. But this morning it occurred to me — it’s time to stop juicing Key Limes and staring into space and time to start the writing I’ve had stockpiled in my head, patiently waiting. But of course, doing things like that is what primes the pump.

Sometimes it’s overwhelming- -having open time to do what you’ve long wanted to do.  So here we go — let’s see what I make of it.


5 thoughts on “Hello, again

  1. Sounds like you are off to a great start. When you get to write again after an absence, it feels like time with an old friend.

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