I went to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado for my close of summer trip and did two things: 1) nearly hurt myself with the altitude and 2) took a lot of photographs of chipmunks. (And ground squirrels, too, but World Class Squirrel Photographer doesn’t have the same ring.) When I go to Florida I might spend a ton of time photographing birds and alligators, and when I go to Glacier National Park I might spend time on mountain goats. And all those sound great — impressive, even.

But “I’m a wildlife photographer with a focus on chipmunks”  is so absurd that of  course I’m attracted to it. This year has been more about small fauna anyway — my frog photography in New York being the latest example of that. But I definitely prefer “Chipmunk Photographer” over “Small Fauna Photographer.”

And so I offer you my chipmunk/ground squirrel file from the trip.

These guys are obviously acclimated to people, and accustomed to thinking of backcountry hikers as a traveling smorgasbord. He got nothing from us, of course. But he worked it pretty hard.

I’d be happy to help you with that granola bar.


Once he realized we weren’t going to feed him, he set about eating his natural food.  But he was still very interested. At one point I left the camera sitting on this rock and he snuck up to it and peered into the lens. That would have been a nice time for the remote shutter release cable.

Different guy.

I’m a chipmunk photographer.



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