Sometimes, the watermelon questions seem almost existential in nature.


I have this job, and it works like this: Do high-level, intensive, all-consuming work for periods of time, then not much for awhile. I like it this way, because then during those down times, I get to sit here at my keyboard talking to all of you, or photographing seagulls staring at pilfered pieces of watermelon, or playing with fabric, or just generally indulging the creative side of my brain. Until someone needs the other side of my brain, and then the light switch flips again. This doesn’t mean my creative impulses stop.They don’t. I still have things to say, but the tap is shut off (and torqued pretty hard), and so they back up until my mind feels full. Then once I’m done with work, it takes awhile for the faucet to turn again, to switch sides of my brain. And so I get messages (that I love, don’t get me wrong) like this: “I keep checking the blog, only to see that same alligator…”

I know, me too! Because that alligator is the last thing my right brain saw before my left brain took over a couple of weeks ago. And at the same time I’m away from my own writing, I’m neglecting my reading of other writers I enjoy.

It’ll be this way for now, but I may be entering one of those right-brained phases for a few days. I have some things written and not posted, some things half written, and some things still in the tap. Cheers.


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