I love this video, but probably not for the same reasons others do.  Those reasons are found right in the title: “Grandmas watch Kardashian sex tape.”

Grandmas? Watching a sex tape? How transgressive. Grandmas aren’t supposed to do shit like that! It’s good for a chuckle or two, though.

Why do we assume that older women are asexual? I suppose it’s just an extension of the culturally embedded notion that women generally are only interested in sex as a means of exercising power in a relationship, or to have children. Once you’re past all that reproductive stuff, women lose interest entirely, right?

I guess not. Thanks, Kim Kardashian!

Seriously, I love this video because it’s not as anomalous is it’s supposed to be. I could write paragraph after paragraph about the notion that women are less interested in sex than men, and to the extent that’s true, why it is. (Hint: it mostly has to do with sex as constructed around male pleasure.) But I love this video because, aside from the racial comments that made me wince, it’s an engaging and funny depiction of older women who are unapologetically interested in sexuality. With the exception of their reaction to anal sex (which is hardly universally adored anyway), these women weren’t genuinely horrified; they were cheering the participants on. Hell, they’re like sports commentators. (“What’s taking him so long? He’s so young!” “What is her problem? She’s just laying there!”)

Maybe it’s because at 41, I’m staring down the barrel of the last half of my life, but I appreciate it when women that age get to display their full humanity. Each time, it becomes more acceptable. Maybe by the time I’m their age, we will have stopped viewing women in so limited a way.

Yeah, and I’m Kim Kardashian.

Go, Grandma.


8 thoughts on “This is a nature blog, after all

  1. Okay, but we need a link to the tape they are watching–. Maybe not. Too many computer viruses out there…

  2. Amen, sister! It’s been my experience that women are far more interested in sex as they mature, and grow into themselves as fully realized individuals. At the Cabaret, our demographic is primarily 60+, and those gals go WILD on the boys. I’ve seen 90 year old women, who wouldn’t weigh $1.02 soaking wet drop Russ (the handsome, strapping fella in my pix there) to his knees, jumping his ass like alien face huggers. My guess is that they’ve decided to hell with the social construct, they’re out for themselves now.

    The older men enjoy my attention, but for the most part are more reserved and polite, saving their more lascivious comments for the men’s room. I only know this because my co-workers will happily share those stories with me later because they know it skeeves me out a little. I don’t like to think about grampa with a boner. And that’s my issue. I’m somehow more comfortable about the ladies gettin’ their groove on than I am the old dudes.

    For myself, looking down the barrel of that same gun, and having lived the first half of my life in near celibacy,

  3. due to my upbringing, my personal issues and fears, and conforming to the idea of how a “good girl” ought to behave, I’m ready to make a change in the second half. I still have my hangups and fears, but at this point, no one in the dating pool is going to look like a swimsuit model, and I am more able-on a good day, anyway-to accept my body for the better features it offers, and for being strong and healthy and able to give and accept pleasure. It’s a huge step forward for me personally, and I want to use that before I’m too old to enjoy it.

    Which may not be for awhile, per those randy gals. So yay!

  4. Can anyone deny the wisdom of a comment that contains the phrase “alien face hugger”?

    You know, I could write a screed on how the sexuality of women is jilted by the culture just as soon as it starts to really gear up and start working for the woman it belongs to and not everyone else. I don’t think that’s coincidental. Fortunately there are already lots of folks saying it. Maybe I will anyway, but I’ll have to get good and worked up about something or otherwise I’ll get distracted by a shorebird or a prairie dog and the post will sit half-finished in perpetuity.

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