Oooh, neat! They’re fomenting the Mommy Wars again.

I saw this yesterday, and I knew I had to take a break from microforests and landscapes and other fun nature stuff to talk about it. Because I think we can all agree that this cover begs us finally to address one critical question: Is it really safe to let your three-year old stand on a chair and nurse? What if he fell? Would he take part of her boob with him? Would he be hurt?

Kidding. No, the question I want discussed and answered is why Time magazine is so intent on preventing sensible discussion of important issues. Come on, this thing is classic trolling. There’s always someone ready and willing to feel superior to others, and those are the folks this cover is aimed at, because they’re the ones that will start the fight, on Twitter, on Facebook, on mommy forums. It hasn’t missed a single element in its quest to provoke skirmish: Mom, from Los Angeles, is classically beautiful and oh-so-thin. She has that hand-on-her-hip pose you see on models. Her little cami is casually pulled down to expose her left breast, to which is attached a three-year old boy. Emblazoned a short distance away is the taunt: ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH? Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks, Time!

This should be seen for the blatant overreach it is. This isn’t remotely subtle, folks. I do hope that most people will recognize that they are being trolled. But you know, some folks can’t resist the superiority candy, so they’ll hop right in with their contemptuous sneers and their sexist outrage, and we’ll be off to the races. But the most important thing about this cover isn’t that this gorgeous woman is breast-feeding a three-year old. The most important thing is that we see that’s not the most important thing.

Because there’s real harm to this crap. Real discussions about breastfeeding and the role of mothers in public society get torpedoed by this nonsense. Women end up sniping at each other instead of coming together to support each other in crafting meaningful solutions to difficult issues women face.

It almost makes you wonder whether that’s the point, doesn’t it?



5 thoughts on “This Mother’s Day, give her the gift of being trolled by Time magazine

    1. It’s just so blatant. Here! Look at this woman nursing a three year old! EEEEEWWWWW! Don’t you all want to fight about it while we sit back and watch??? Ugh. I couldn’t care less if someone wants to nurse their 3-year old. Whatever. But I’ve already seen people taking the bait. And there’s actually a really fair discussion to be had about WHY this image is supposed to bother people. But I’ll set my alarm for fifty years or so on that one. Sigh.

  1. I can’t even make myself interested enough to read the article. Maybe because I don’t have kids. More likely because I’m so damn sick of what seems like the whole world telling a woman what she should and shouldn’t do with HER body I just can’t even take in the discussions anymore. That isn’t a picture of a breast. That’s a woman standing there and why do we need to put her on a pedestal or rip her apart. Why can’t we just let her be a woman doing what she feels is right for her body, her child, and her lifestyle? There are people that would already be judging that young child because shouldn’t he want to be independent from that by now? Is he slow? ADHD? What label can we tag him with? It makes me feel ill. Triped-up drama to watch the women tear each other to pieces – stay divided (during an election year). Ugh.

    1. Wooooooord.

      We’re so no fun. I mean, how else is Time supposed to gin up sales if not through manufactured controversy about women? It’s almost like we expect them to provide serious coverage of serious issues, or something.

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