Your blogger and her noodle.

Yesterday and today were the first really blazing hot days in Central Indiana this year. So we did what we’ve been plotting since we found the ponds — we took a swim. Travis even brought his mask and snorkel and motored about looking for fish. The water is clear and clean, and the bottom is a medium-grained sand, not so fine that it’s squelchy, and not so rocky as to be uncomfortable. I know some people are squeamish about swimming in lakes and ponds because you can’t really see very well, and they’re filled with all sorts of live things other than you. But that’s partly why I like it; I enjoy sharing the space with the fish, turtles and frogs. There’s also no overwhelming, acrid chlorine smell — just the gentle, fresh scent of pond water. (My hair feels incredibly soft tonight.)

The dragonflies zinged about just on the surface of the water, and the occasional fresh leaf would float by, its edges turned gently upward, forming a small green boat. The place is just as penetratingly alive in the middle of the pond as along its edges. I loved seeing the place from that perspective, just as the beavers do.


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