One of my new neighbors.

I’ve been working lately, instead of frolicking in nature all day. You can guess what I’d rather be doing, but one sort of pays for the other.

I’ve also been unpacking my house, a long and extended process. Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook know that finding my box of Q-tips has been an epic struggle, which ended only this Saturday when I located them in the garage, in a box under the weed eater. It’s not as though I couldn’t have gone to the grocery store and bought another box of Q-tips at any moment, but the location of the Q-tips became a metaphor for the disarray of my life. (That also ended this weekend when the Q-tips were unearthed, and my life was still in disarray.)

I still get a little bit frustrated that I can’t keep up a steady stream of writing when I’m in the office all day, but them’s the breaks. I write about nature, about travel, and about life, and none of those things are associated with my legal work. Admittedly, it’s strange to have a life story that stops and starts, and stops and starts. But I’m working on that.

My son and I interrupted her breakfast on our walk this morning.

We’ve started exploring the area around the new place. The are as many deer as there are squirrels, and there’s a greenway that stretches along plots of native prairie, a few ponds, and some community gardens before dropping you at the entrance to the city’s biggest urban park and reservoir. One pond is full of crawdads, and the other full of tiny frogs that still have their tails. It’s a more human-populated natural area than at my other house, but a natural area nonetheless. We have a huge number of goldfinches, but no hummingbirds.


Fortunately, I’ve picked up the camera a time or two in the last month.

I’ve been trying to stay at home this summer and thus save some money. But other places are pulling me hard. I’d love to say that I’ll be driving out to the South Dakota next week to sit in front of a prairie dog town all day with my camera, or heading to the coast to commune with the birds, but for now, life remains inflexibly ambiguous.

This prairie dog does not live in the Dakota badlands, but rather in the Columbian Park Zoo; but he still possesses a certain gravitas.



8 thoughts on “AWOL

  1. I love having the animals close by, don’t you? Just the other night we saw a mama down at the creek with her two little twin Bambi’s–still with spots and jumping around playing. It does a heart good!

  2. Seems like you have a little slice of Eden in your new neighborhood. Last night Davepointed out our resident toad sitting by the side door. I’m wondering where it came from since we don’t have any nearby ponds. Just how far will a toad go? I’m happy it’s here to eat slugs, etc. and just because I happen to like toads.

  3. I still think you are mistaking gravitas for constipation, but I could be wrong. It happened once before. Me, I took a bike ride this week and counted eight (!) bunnies along the route–only one of whom tried to kill me by throwing himself under my front tire. I love wildlife too.

    On an unrelated topic, I’m trying out the WordPress thing too. Stop by and see me when you have time on your hands and are looking for a way to kill it…

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