Butterflies, like the honey badger, don’t give a shit.

Painted Lady, inexplicably concerned more with drinking nectar than offering me the best dorsal view of its wings.

I’ve been after this Painted Lady for weeks, trying to get a closed-wing photo of it. The Painted Lady (and somehow I’ve convinced myself it’s the same one every time) foils me at every turn, apparently not giving the tiniest crap that one of the most captivating patterns in nature exists on the dorsal side of its wings, and I badly want a photo of it. For an insect with no discernible emotional life, the Painted Lady is able to broadcast its annoyance at my pursuit remarkably well.

In short, I’ve been shocked to discover that these organisms prioritizeĀ their own basic needs over my personal wishes, and are utterly unconcerned with human needs and desires.

Which is fair, I guess, considering that the majority of human beings are equally unconcerned with theirs.

**Please note: This post has been edited because I accidentally identified this as a Red Admiral, when it’s clearly a Painted Lady. That doesn’t make it any less annoying.


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