I was splashing through Fall Creek today, and I encountered three swallowtails flying about. Two of them perched near me, and I realized what they were eating: dog crap. So I took the photo, because it was one of those moments that upend our romantic view of nature, and those are funny. I felt the same way when I was in Montana once and found ten bald eagles feasting on a dead deer. Our majestic national symbol, nomming on a stinky carcass. In truth, this is common behavior for both butterflies and eagles. So I give you a gorgeous butterfly, dining on a turd. On another note, wouldn’t Jenny and the Turd Slurpers make an awesome band name?

Eat this:


Not that:





2 thoughts on “Jenny and the Turd Slurpers: Nature is gross edition.

  1. They have a reason to do that. They’re definitely after the salts. They like sipping urine, too.
    When you’re traveling in the tropics at certain times of the year it’s kinda hard to take a leak in the bush without getting butterflies in your undies.:):)

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