For a few years now, I’ve been seeing a praying mantis on my birthday.  Mantises are September bugs in Indiana, so it’s not really unusual, but I prefer to think of this as a mystical phenomenon. Sometimes I get a picture and sometimes I don’t, but if I do, I have to take what I get. Four years ago, Travis wrangled the wildlife for me while I took a shot. This is the best picture of the birthday mantises.

_DSC0045 (2)

I always wonder whether I’m going to see my birthday mantis, but this year, I found a small one on my chair when I went outside this morning. He freaked out when I grabbed the camera and ran onto the house. This guy was smaller than usual, and an unusual color.

But he’s my birthday mantis.


In other news, today is also International Vulture Awareness Day.  I’m proud to share my birthday with the vultures.


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