My office manager/paralegal, a creative herself, reminded me that you can’t pin Facebook pages on Pinterest, and so I would be well advised to either start an Etsy store or start putting my fabric art on the blog. So whenever I have new art for sale, I’ll post it here and then in the various other outlets, in the hope that my microwave hot pads can reach new horizons. And Etsy will probably happen eventually, too.

I’ve mentioned before that I do fabric art as a function of where my brain is; when it’s anxious or disgruntled, working with fiber and color and texture feels like a rewiring of sorts.

Let it suffice to say I made a lot of microwave hot pads this summer during my mild crackup. If you’re interested, message me at Trailhead Arts’ Facebook page, or e-mail me here. They’re all filled with Insul-bright batting.



These are the mini hot pads. $15 plus $3 shipping for the pair. Okay, that was fast! These are headed across the country. If you like the general design, let me know, because I might make more.

Big cats:


This is full-size. $15 plus $3 shipping. A loop can be added if desired.


Wolves and Bears, one set mingling, and two sets keeping to themselves:






Each pair above is $15 plus $3 shipping.

Big sheep:


Full-size. Can also be made without a loop. $15 plus $3.





Big Elephants:


This is a full-size one. A loop can be added if desired. $15 plus $3 shipping.



Minis. $15 plus $3.

Big Butterfly:

_DSC0002-cFull size. $15 plus $3 shipping.


_DSC0292Minis. $15 Plus $3 shipping.





These are minis. $15 plus $3 shipping.



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