010I’ve been spending every spare daylight moment in the prairie patches on the Eagle Creek Greenway in Indianapolis. It’s almost mid-August, and the prairie is dying a little bit more every day. This means the butterflies are spending a lot of time lighting on dead things in between landing on the still vibrant milkweed and coneflowers. My friend Nancy over at Tales you Win says they must feel like they’ve arrived at their favorite cafe only to find it closed down.



5 thoughts on “Sorry, the cafe is closed now: Butterflies on dead things

  1. aww… your post is so sad really although I was drawn to the beauty of the shots… about the butterflies on the dead things!!! but the monarch butterflies still come to the top of an inactive volcano within actual city limits I live next to… maybe this is a short lived witnessing I am privileged to live through.

    your post is haunting and moving and gorgeous in such brevity. thank you.

    1. I’ve been thinking about this; prairies in August are kind of sad and poignant. Late summer and early autumn do highlight the passage of time.

      You don’t happen to live in Portland, Oregon, do you? Mount Tabor?

      1. I do live in pdx and close by to Tabor… although I am currently in a major life transition and not sure where I’ll be moving…

        The first part of your comment: “I’ve been thinking about this; prairies in August are kind of sad and poignant. Late summer and early autumn do highlight the passage of time.”
        is such a beautiful poem.

        thanks for sharing your expressions and thoughts like this, Trailhead.

        I’ve worn out lots of boots on these here mountains… 🙂

      2. I lived in PDX for three years myself. I miss it sometimes. And I wish I’d known about the monarchs when I was there. I left the west in a big life transition myself. Wherever you go, be well. 🙂

      3. Thank you. Portland had 70,000 people move here last year. California developers are making rents impossible and home buyers that use to live here. They changed the population density as they were use to crowded housing before they got here and have no concept of habitat or space or water usage. They messed up California and now the wealthiest can move here to suck up the water… being that they were the gold rushers it makes sense only now it’s a tech industry and marijuana industry making people boom or bust.

        The butterflies on tabor are still in abundance despite the city wanting to cap the reservoirs for “homeland security” (another farce).

        You be well too and I look forward to reading your future posts.

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