_DSC0043 (2)After pneumonia and the flu spent weeks running laps around our household, we are all finally recovered.  October is Fall Break, which means we are able to travel. We hemmed and hawed and gnashed our teeth about where to go (well I did, anyway) and decided on New Mexico.  Travis’s parents, sister, and sister-in-law live there, and we’ve come to love it. We are driving there, because we have enough time and a new Prius.

Most people think we’re insane for driving four days to spend five in New Mexico, but that’s okay; I’m used to people thinking I’m insane. I’d rather spend four days driving to New Mexico than nine days staying here. We like road trips, and some of our most interesting moments have happened on the road; the breakfast we had in Amarillo just after church on a Sunday morning in the middle of many fur coats and impeccably placed hairstyles; eating at the “I Don’t Care” restaurant in the middle of rural Minnesota; swerving to miss a huge Great Horned Owl perched calmly in the middle of a mountain road one night. The world is a buffet.

We’re also considering where to go for an overnight outdoor trip, and I had the unusual experience of refusing to camp somewhere. It’s not really in my nature to decline to sleep outdoors anywhere, but I drew the line at the desert._DSC0291-2

I won’t sleep in the desert – at least not till the dead of winter. I’ll sleep in alligator habitat, bear habitat, cougar habitat, and snake habitat. But I won’t sleep in scorpion habitat. Nope. No way. No how. Not happening.

Yes, Virginia, there is a limit on the places I will camp. This was news to my husband, who has no such limits, and also has no phobias. There is nothing that creeps Travis out; he has no irrational fears. But I do. So we’re heading up into the mountains, where we can be sure that any and all crunchy, skittering wildlife is tucked away for the winter.

I hope.


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