One of the most endearing qualities I find in people is their tendency to take responsibility for the weather. This is one of those subtle things that it takes awhile to notice, but if you travel frequently enough, you’ll encounter it.

Trav and I have a knack for landing in a place just when the weather is making some dramatic turn outside the local norm. A few years ago we went to Florida in mid-February, only to find pounding rain and temperatures in the low 40’s, for days on end. It was about six degrees warmer than it was in Indianapolis when we left.

And everywhere we went, people apologized to us for the weather. Servers in restaurants, a kayak outfitter, docents at state parks, and my cousin all protested that the weather was never like this, and they were sorry. It was somewhat like a parent sheepishly apologizing for their kid’s outrageous behavior: “He’s never like this, I swear.”

“Thirty years I’ve lived here,” my cousin said, shaking her head, “and I’ve never seen it quite this cold and rainy for so long. I’m so sorry the weather is doing this on your trip.”

I love it. It’s one of my favorite things about people, because it shows a pride for their home environment that they want to share with others. They want you to enjoy your time in the place where they live. They care about your trip.

11224829_1096976640313016_155546110852350972_nThis is my fourth morning in Santa Fe, New Mexico, undeniably a desert environment. And it’s been raining, hard, for three days straight. Rivers of water run jauntily down the streets, and flash flood warnings are popping up everywhere. My in-laws have been expressing regret for the rain all week. This really is a once-in-a-decade event here in Santa Fe, as my sister-in-law noted during dinner one night. And of course we’re here for it.

On Tuesday I stood in a shop in downtown Santa Fe where everyone watched, mouths agape, as hail began pelting the cars outside.

“That never happens,” the show owner said in shock. “I swear.”

And I smiled.


6 thoughts on “Isn’t it nice we’re having weather?

      1. Oh wow sounds amazing I love Utah… Used to live in salt lake… Check out some of my pictures of it. My only storm post was in Botswana Africa and that was an amazing event but no photos

  1. This is such a funny and accurate observation! I’d never noticed/thought about it much that people do this, me included. The photo is beautiful, so dramatic! I guess wherever you visit just wants to put on an exciting show for you…its just a shame it has to be a wet one! The same thing happened when I went to the South of France in September, it was about 5°C colder than London was when I left and rained for 3 days straight, with a huge thunder and lightning storm on the last two days. The friend I was visiting apologised profusely, she just kept saying ‘it was just so hot the whole time, until the day before you came’.

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