Want to get some writing or photography out into the world? Want to sit back and read some interesting stuff? I’ve started a public Facebook group called The Watershed, that focuses on writing about potent life moments, the kind that get crystallized in your memory. We’re also into photographs that capture a unique or interesting moment. We’re all about the moments.There’s more information in the pinned post at the link, and the group description.

Lurkers are welcome, and there’s no performance pressure. Or you can contribute something that fits the guidelines if you’re so inclined.

We’ve been live for about three days now, and so far we’ve been with a girl as her father, in a fit of anger, told her she wasn’t his daughter; with a struggling single mom determined to provide a memorable Christmas for her kids; with a man as he unfurls the touching story behind the stranger who approaches his father’s casket at the funeral; with a woman as she finds a small but critical act to comfort her dying sister; and with a young woman as her life is forever changed by an escaped pet rabbit. This is just a sampling.

There are lighter moments, too, photographs of kids with bras on their face (mine), of helicopters harvesting Christmas trees, and powerful childhood moments in nature.

So feel free to come join us at the link earlier in the thread, whether to contribute or just to lurk.


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