013.jpgFor me, there’s no better way to really grasp the transitory nature of life than spending a sunrise on a beach.

I arrive in the capsule of dark, hearing the waves just beyond my vision. I trudge through the sand as the blackness begins to thin to grey, and a glowing orange streak erupts on the horizon. The beach is mostly empty.

I look around, and I see that the scene is constantly changing. As soon as I process one moment, it’s gone; another one, markedly different, has taken its place. The moments stack up, running into each other and forming a tide of change; before I can collect myself, the sun is on the scene again, the grey is gone, and I can see the ocean. Darkness has dissipated again, and a fresh day is here.

The entire process unfolds with overwhelming speed, and my mind isn’t up to the task of taking it in. This is the pace of time, after all. That may be why I’m so obsessed with plucking out the moments that would otherwise vanish into the ether, and tucking them away in my memory like marbles in a bag.

I don’t think the human brain is well adapted for understanding that the nature of life is ever-shifting, that the next moment will be a scene change. Sometimes we spend too much time in moments that have already gone. The sunrise is a good reminder.




13 thoughts on “Catching up to the sun

  1. I love this. Perfect read for the morning. Beautiful photos and moving introspection on nature, change and us, humans. And I never looked at the reason why a lot of us spend so much time looking back from that viewpoint. Very interesting point. That it could be too much to take in the moment because the moment changes all the time.

  2. “That may be why I’m so obsessed with plucking out the moments that would otherwise vanish into the ether, and tucking them away in my memory like marbles in a bag.”

    One of the best gifts I received this holiday season was being led to your work.

    Each delicate phrase, each moment captured in photograph, another colorful marble I add to my own bag of mementos.

  3. So true, there is very little that can be more beautiful, calming and peaceful than a stunning sunrise, I wish you many more…make the most of every opportunity and always live in the ‘present’, peace.

  4. These pictures are stunning! I love the way you describe sunrises. It just reminds me to live in the moment because time really does fly by. This is such a great reminder for me!

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