When I lived in Florida many years ago, I’d hear a common refrain from people back home in the Midwest: “I’d love to move there, but I’d miss the change of seasons.” I was always happy to tell them that Florida — the northern part, anyway, where I lived — does have its own seasonal shifts. It’s true that if you’re looking for the dramatic and overwhelming technicolor of a New England or Midwestern autumn, you might be disappointed in Florida’s autumn transformation; it’s a much subtler, gentler change, but it’s palpable. I was always able to discern it.

I haven’t been back to Florida in the autumn in many years, and I was happy to be there last week. Autumn was in full swing. This is what it looks like on my beloved Silver River.



6 thoughts on “Subtropical autumn

  1. That’s stunning! And as a Michigander I confess that I too only think of Florida as sand and sunshine. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to visit off season!

  2. Tennessee seems to me to be the right balance between full northern four-season living and the south’s more subtle interpretation of the seasons. You get the seasons, but the colder ones aren’t as extreme.

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