The sun does rise.

Politics are a dicey mess for a nature writer/memoirist, but politics are powerful right now, and so are my reactions to it. I have been writing about this election and its aftermath, but not here. Most of my posts about it have been on The Trailhead’s Facebook page, found here. (The page is public, so you don’t have to be on Facebook to read, although you can’t comment there if you’re not on Facebook.)

The following here is much bigger than there, and to be quite frank, I didn’t want to open this page up to the kind of harassment or cruelty I’ve been seeing elsewhere on social media. Comment moderating and blocking is easier there.

If the election turned out the way you wanted it to, congratulations and good luck! But if you find yourself in need of some commiseration, feel free to come on over. I won’t be doing much in the way of comment response here until we get back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Most of my post-election writing is focusing on nature and the environment, moving forward in the face of despair, and — hopefully — the gifts we can find in the wreckage of our hopes.

Peace to all.

4 thoughts on “After

  1. “Peace to all.” With that, you’ve said it all.
    PS: Thank you for the beautiful sunrise. I noticed this morning the stars were still above us in the sky, as well …

  2. It is not looking good to Nature. I believe the Environment will now be even more disrespected. I’m ever more concerned with the world we’re living to our kids, specially since a couple of days ago.
    We must keep on the good, green fight.
    Keep writing. Keep bringing much needed awareness!!

    1. It isn’t looking good. It’s a huge part of why I’m desperately sad this week. While I’ve lost almost all hope, I’ll keep doing my part. At this point, it’s not about outcomes, it’s about what my conscience requires. Thanks for the support!

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