I photograph and write about my dog, Thomas, a lot. (The most popular post on this entire blog is about my dog.)

For most part Thomas is your standard, neurotic half-Border Collie. But when he’s relaxed — which is often, at least when he is not barking at the neighbor’s reindeer made of Christmas lights — Thomas has a kind of liquidity to him. We call him the Relaxation Consultant. He will teach you how.




11 thoughts on “The Relaxation Consultant

  1. Awwwww….what a cutie! I write about my dog Katie a lot too…and often those are them most popular posts. She’s good at relaxing. But not lately as she has a boo boo on her leg. But we could learn a lot from our canine friends about letting the day be and going with the flow.

  2. That is a great title for our fury companions! I always joke that my Labrador needs to get his full 20 hours of sleep each day. He is pretty active for about 4 hours, but spends the rest of the time in such a relaxed state that it makes me jealous. I wish I could borrow some of that relaxation. He can fall asleep in just about any position. Good post!

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