Getting away from my usual nature/wildlife thing, an image from Scenic, South Dakota. Those do appear to be longhorn skulls on the top — I guess that doesn’t really count as wildlife photography, though.

Lots of Scenic looks like this, sort of baked and frozen in the Dakota extremes for more than a century. Scenic is a far more interesting place than Wall, which is also outside Badlands National Park in another direction. Wall, however, has the notorious Wall Drug, with its wifi, throngs of tourists and fountains that are synchronized to “Dueling Banjos.”

Apparently, given the Budweiser sign, someone tried to make a go of this within recent memory. It’s empty and deserted now though. Resilient.



One thought on “Scenic resilience

  1. So much of the old west remains, resilient against time, in places that are harder to find than current tourist destination. We just have to look. Thanks for sharing this one with us.

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