There is a colony of feral rhesus macaques living on the Silver River on the outskirts of Ocala, Florida. I try to visit them once or twice a year, because why not? Although I didn’t spot any monkeys on the two trips prior to my most recent one, a paddle down the Silver River is a treat in itself. I’ve tagged along with otters, alligators, scores of birds, and tiny turtles on the Silver.  So I love it regardless of whether the monkeys are out.  The river draws me back every time; if I were a wind-up toy, I’d head to the Silver as soon as you let me go. That’s my wanderlust.

This time, I saw a monkey almost immediately, and he was contemplating a swim. Here is the process, from consideration, to alligator scan, and finally, launch. Too bad when he got to the other side, another monkey shoved him back in the river.





More on the monkeys — and how they got there in the first place — here.

9 thoughts on “Wandering with the monkeys of Silver River

  1. Now, here’s something I never expected to read today: “There is a colony of feral rhesus macaques living on the Silver River [in] Ocala, Florida.” WOW! Apart from your lovely photos, I especially liked the last paragraph. Imagine swimming all the way across, only to be pushed back in. Poor monkey. 🙂

    1. They are very funny! Right before we put the kayak in this time, the livery guys told my husband they had been seen doing cannonballs from the trees the day before. Next time…. 🙂

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