Bunny hour, at least where I live in the Midwestern United States, at this precise time of year, occurs from about 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. (While I do understand that an hour is composed of sixty and not ninety minutes, I think we can use the shorthand in the interest of verbal efficiency.) During Bunny Hour, all the available rabbits in the immediate area emerge from whatever cover they had taken for the day.  Here in Indiana, they sit out in the open, nibbling grass, taking in the waning evening sun, and from time to time, interacting with their rabbit colleagues. But if a human or dog approaches, they beat a hasty retreat across the yard, into the brush, or behind the bushes.

This is case for most of the rabbits I observe, except the ones I call Dumb Bunnies. Dumb Bunnies are always juvenile rabbits, born the most recent spring.  Still green and inexperienced, Dumb Bunnies will often stand their ground even in the most ridiculous of circumstances, usually staring vacantly at whatever threat is approaching. A photographer can get far closer to a Dumb Bunny than their seasoned, more experienced elders. Everything is late here this year, but Dumb Bunny Season is typically from mid-June to mid-July. Because of the rainy, cooler-than-usual temperatures, it seems like everything is lagging by 2-3 weeks.

This weekend, I was at a state park in Indiana, and at the appointed time, the rabbit community held Bunny Hour on the side of the road, its representatives distributed about every five feet along the grass, as if the road were a parade ground. Accordingly, I was able to capture this portrait of a Dumb Bunny. This young one is sharper than most of its fellows, as it had the good sense to put its ears back, which I understand is Rabbit for “back off, wanker.”

I expect this one will do well in the future.



7 thoughts on “Bunny Hour

  1. Cute bunnies! I see their bravery…..but maybe it’s not that they are dumb but rather they are childlike and pure….maybe?

  2. We have several bunnies that make appearances just before sundown. Most are the seasoned elders, but a couple are the dumb ones of which you speak. I try to explain that the resident canine has a thing for bunnies and will chase them. They don’t seem to listen. Recently, I got within a foot or so of a bunny, talking calmly in hopes of encouraging him, or her, to move on as Holly was gaining ground and I wasn’t sure it would go well. As luck would have it, Holly never even saw him/her.

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