I took my son to the Badlands in South Dakota in late May, and it shook up my routine a little. Sean is avidly interested in snakes, and plans to work in venomous herpetology, so we spent fully one day and half of the next at Reptile Gardens in Rapid City. Β So instead of sitting for a long time in front of a wild prairie dog town as I might have on my own, I spent a long time in front of Reptile Gardens’ prairie dog town. There was a real upside to this: this years’ pups were out, and they weren’t concerned with my presence. Here’s the collage.

14 thoughts on “(Prairie Dog) Pup collage

  1. Too cute! I really enjoy the prairie dogs, river otters, and meerkats whenever I visit zoos or when geocaching (We stumbled upon a prairie dog “town” and spent time watching them watch us!

  2. My wife and I also passed through South Dakota this past summer on our way to British Columbia and found ourselves surrounded by a hoard of these little creatures. Such fun to watch. Great shots. Cheers.

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